Interpretation around YYC

Nothing too deep today, just wanted to post about some of the great interpretation I’ve been seeing around they city over the last couple of weeks. Some if it’s new, some of it’s old, but either way, it’s fantastic to be taking a walk around the city streets, in a park, or at larger attractions like the Zoo   (this could warrant a post on its own, I’m sure, but I’ll just leave it at some photos for now).

Prince’s Island Park (not Princess! The island is named after Peter Prince- you can learn about him at Heritage Park where his house was moved, or visit the 1886 cafe in Eau Claire- it used to be his office):

Shakespeare on the Bow, an art walk, and a wetland walk.

The Zoo- lots of good interpretation in the dino park!

Rotary Park, Cliff Bungalow and Mission. Great histories of the neighbourhoods they are in. The signs in Cliff Bungalow along the river are also a Poke Gym. The only thing for me is that the signs overlooking downtown at Rotary Park are a bit outdated- Calgary’s history just kind of ends. But I love all the archival photos. There are 4 signs total (I think it was 4?). Unfortunately the 1st one has been quite damaged.


A few other things: Bowness park, Little Free Library

I’ve already written about Bowness Park, but I still love all the archival photos around the park. And I was just happy to come across another Little Free Library- this one in Rotary Park. I love these!


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