Bowness Park Redevelopment

A quick post today! 13879331_10157173997075587_8959225933602193543_n

The other day I was at Bowness Park, on a beautiful, sunny afternoon, to enjoy the park and be there (with my niece) to see the reopening of the restored mini train.

Bowness Park was a bit worse for wear after the infamous floods, but recently the restoration was completed, and celebrated this past week with free rides on the mini train, and the boats. Nenshi was there for the inaugural ride, and spoke about how so many Calgarians remember riding around the park on the train.

The restored train- the original from the 1950’s- was not the only thing at the park. Besides the boat rentals, fountain, and playground, a splash park and wading pool is soon to open.


Finally, there is a new restaurant, cafe, and patio, which is fantastic. The restaurant looks beautiful, with a patio, and delicious sounding menu, and the surrounding patio and square is beautiful too, with numerous benches, picnic tables, and fire pits, on multiple levels. There is also a small wading area, which many people were enjoying, as well as looking at the ducks, minnows, and paddle boats.

Finally, (and maybe most relevant for this blog…), I loved that the park redevelopment has honoured the long history of the park, with various signs about its history, including archival photos.

I think the redevelopment of the park is great, and Bowness will definitely go back to being a destination for Calgarians. There’s tons to do for all ages, great spaces, wildlife, and a restaurant I’m hoping to try soon, along with a dash of history (and nostalgia).

To learn more about the history of Bowness park and its current redevelopment, you can check out some videos and articles:



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