Generation Y Not? Pretending to be Guides at a Museum

I like the idea of this video, at least in principle. Picking random activities out of a bag before you go on an excursion to a museum or gallery could make things very fun and interesting! This doesn’t necessarily have to involve talking to other people like in this video, but could, or it could be within members of your own group, or a random scavenger hunt.

I like that it has made this group, and the people they were talking to, potentially think about the pieces and their surroundings in a different way, or more critically (or ridiculously). Why not sing in front of a painting if it inspires you to do so? Or spark a conversation with a stranger about what it reminds you of?

Some of these specific conversations go a bit far, perhaps, as incorrect information is given about some of the pieces, or trying to sell a piece in the museum, but the others seem to be harmless, and fun, and maybe do offer a completely different perspective- like singing, or sitting down, or breathing deeply! As long as you aren’t really invading other people’s enjoyment or exploration, being somewhat respectful of the people around you and the pieces, why not go for it!? You might learn something new, enjoy your time more, or help other people enjoy their time more (even if it’s just providing them with a weird anecdote to tell their friends!)

So next time you’re off to a museum or gallery, or want to try something new, maybe try some of the activities they did in the video, or add some of your own- mimic the pose of your favourite statue or painting, draw the name of a specific animal or object you need to find hidden within a work of art, if there’s a larger sculpture or statue group, get as many people as possible to help you re enact it. Make the experience as engaging, fun, different, and experiential as you want to be.

You can watch the video here:
Pretending to be museum guides

Generation Y Not? Also has some other great videos you should check out!


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