Art: ‘I could have done that’ (More musings on modern art; link to a video)

I came across this program the other day, and thought it raised some really interesting points. As you may have noticed, I’m not always the biggest fan of more recent or experimental works of art (although it does really depend on the piece), but this short video does help me to want to understand a greater variety of art better. To try and appreciate where each piece comes from. I’ll still have some of the issues I’ve identified before- like accessibility and elitism- but I’ll try and approach art from a more understanding point of view.  It’s not even that I haven’t considered some of these points before- like exploring new techniques, social context, etc-but I think the way the video sums all of these points up with examples really helps me want to gain a better appreciation. It’s only just over 5 minutes long- check it out!


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