Banksy’s Dismaland

I’ve been intrigued about Dismaland since about a week before it opened, when all of my social media suddenly lit up with rumours about it. Immediately, I thought I had to get tickets- how cool would that be to go to a Banksy and co. show?
& then my thoughts immediately thereafter realized how ironic this was. Banksy is making a commentary, or at least the overarching one, about how we all spend our leisure time, clamouring in crowds to be part of the next big thing, and here we all were clamouring to find out how to get tickets. Attending Dismaland automatically means to some degree, that you are a part of the commentary and art installation.

I was also intrigued, of course, by the pieces within the park, again all social commentaries, some particularly timely with the Syrian refugee crisis. It’s good that art with such an international presence can provide such political and social commentary, assuming people are really listening. Are people going just because it’s Bansky, Hirst, and other famous artists, or are they also really considering the message? Or are most people attending those already aware of the various issues that are being explored? Some reviews have loved the park and the ideas therein, others have made suggestions that the whole thing is a bit too obvious and superficial

Despite having an ironic sense of awareness of participating in his commentary [side note: is Banksy definitively a he?? Have I learned this from somewhere? Or is it just my unfounded instinct to say ‘he’?], I too queued digitally in order to try and get tickets. A particularly frustrating experience that lasted more than an hour, in which I almost got tickets, but didn’t. I wondered if this, too, was part of the overall Dismaland experience…

A day or so after I was unsuccessful in getting tickets, I found out that an exhibition devoted to Banksy had just closed in Croydon. I was a bit surprised that I hadn’t heard of it at all, given all the Dismaland hype. Why is it that something like Dismaland garnered so much more interest?

Either way, no Banksy for me. Maybe I’ll have to go and try and hunt some of his street pieces down…

Anyone manage to get tickets to Dismaland? What did you think?

dismaland attempt dismaland dashed hope


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