I thought it was finally time to start one of these. In truth, it’s long overdue. I’d thought about it before, and others had suggested I start one. I had become somewhat of the go-to person of things to see and do in Calgary for my friends, and occasionally was asked for restaurant recommendations. At one point a colleague at a local museum said if I started a blog, I should definitely come and write about their museum. I was already constantly posting about museums, art, and heritage on facebook and instagram, and I was increasingly getting into photography. I kept thinking a blog would be a great way to combine my passions, share my tips and knowledge, and hopefully try and demonstrate that museums and history aren’t boring- I really don’t think they are. But I never quite got around to it. But after seeing another friend post on facebook about how there’s nothing left for him in Calgary, I thought it was time. A place where I can try and show that Calgary has more to do and see than everyone thinks, that museums are awesome, a place to share some of my photos and travel moments, and probably also some thoughts on delicious food and drinks.

Before I dive into all of that, a bit more about me:

  • I was born and raised in Calgary, and think Calgary is pretty awesome
  • I’m currently living in London, England, doing my Master’s in Classical Art and Archaeology
  • I have two Bachelor’s degrees
  • I’ve worked in museums for about 8 years doing everything from family activities to school programs to collections management to exhibition development, and I love it all (but collections and exhibitions are my real passion)
  • I am passionate about chai lattes
  • I love to travel, and have a very long bucket list

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